My 11 Year Old Son Flew a Plane- Happy 4th of July

This Independence Day I am thankful for all of my freedoms; two in particular I would like to share with you. The first is Freedom of Religion and my ability to worship and praise my Lord, Jesus Christ and raise my son with the same beliefs.

Recently my son was afforded the opportunity to take his first flight lesson with Chief Warrant Officer 2 (CW2) W. Williams, Jr.. CW2 W. Williams, Jr. describes flying as his ministry, an opportunity to allow people to experience this big wide world at thousands of feet above the surface. When you view the world underneath you can’t but acknowledge how brilliant and magnificent our Lord truly is. You quickly respect the details of each and every creation more.

As I looked into the cockpit and saw CW2 W. Williams, Jr. instructing my son, I recall our visit to the National Archives Museum in Washington, D.C  last year where he learned about the Tuskegee Airmen. I looked off into the coast line and couldn’t help but think about how few airmen and women actually look like us. This may be the only time my son meets an African American pilot. I’m quickly overjoyed by the thought. We are creating historical moments in my son’s life.  This moment exist because CW2 W. Williams, Jr. wanted to share his love for Christ in this fashion and we had the right to do so.

Which brings me to my second area of appreciation, the Freedom to educate my son and myself; free from fear of being lynched, whipped or in need of military escort. Just a few decades ago, the very things that we experienced on Independence Day could of cost us our freedom, our life. I’m grateful to God and the countless men and women of yester-year and today that put their bodies on the line for Freedom. My Freedom. Your Freedom.

I thank CW2 W. Williams, Jr. for his 16 years of active duty service, protecting my freedoms and safeguarding the United States of America from the atrocities of this world.  On this day you helped me created a moment that my son will never forget. I pray your ministry reaches the many miles you travel in flight.

#takemyfoolishadvice don’t take life for granted. Anything that you’re passion about could be your ministry. Lastly, never stop learning. Happy 4th of July!




No Matter How Fast You Run!

Matthew 24:13 (KJV)

13 “But he that shall endure unto the end, the same shall be saved.”





Satan’s Ambition… Like Ours Today?

photo by freemagebank

Happy New Year Saints!

Most of the world has ushered in this New Year with a list of declarations or resolutions. That’s fine; there is nothing wrong with that. I for one am very task orientated so I was have a “To-Do” list that I use to manage my day, events and life. I’m also a very ambitions and determined person. I describe the nature of my drive here and here.

As I mentioned to you before I believe that God created me to do something great with my life. I’m now 33 years old and I haven’t quite figured out what that “greatness” is. I’m both attracted to it, often times in heavy pursuit after it and other times I’m fearful of what it will take out of me to achieve it.

So where am I going with all of this? Well yesterday, a family friend wished me Happy New Year and reminded me of my purpose. Here are the cliff notes:

“Amy always put God first. Never be so caught up in your own life that you forget where God has brought you from and where He is taking you. Always put God first. Sometimes we struggle for so long that when we finally have our break through that we forget our prayers and the essence behind our relationship with Christ. If you can pray and worship Him when things are down then you can pray and worship when things are up. Don’t let your ambition get in your way of Heaven and the Master.”

This week’s Sabbath school lesson discussed Satan’s fall from Heaven. Most of you know the story of Lucifer (Satan) and know his ambition among many other things began the greatest controversy over good and evil this world has ever seen. You should note that his ambition had evil intent.

So let me wrap up my point. It’s certainly okay to be ambitious. It’s certainly okay to use your God given talents and skills the way God has instructed you to; even if that means to amass wealth and riches. It’s okay to celebrate your blessings. Do all of these things remember the source of it all, God. “Always put Him first.” You may not have need this reminder but I certainly did; not because I don’t put Him first, but because sometimes I fear my ambition and celebration of my blessings will pull me away from focusing solely on Him and discovering my God given purpose.

#takemyfoolishadvice “I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.” Phil 4:13 (KJV). If He is the source then you can never go wrong. NEVER. Happy New Year, be blessed.




3 Ways I Taught my Son About Christ From an Early Age

Happy Sabbath!

My son, 10yr old wizkid, soon to be 11 in December has his own personal relationship with Christ. Awesome right! At his own request, he was baptized last November in front of a congregation of family and friends.


Now, how did we get there?!? As a first time Christian mom I struggled with finding the answer that was best for us. I knew I wanted to be his primary source for biblical info. I also wanted to live by example… perfect example that is. Very tough to do seeing as though we are all sinners and fail short of the glory of God daily. I wasn’t without sin in the least bit, matter of fact I had birth my son out of wedlock. I started to feel the pressure but thank God we survived all of that and we landed here.

So you’re a first time mom and you now have this bundle of joy that you’re responsible for the rest of your natural life. What a joy and terrifying nightmare all in one. Let’s be honest, no one wants to raise the next Hitler. {side eye}.

Here’s what I did to teach my son the Bible and about Christ from an early age:

  1. Watch Bible movies: An Elder from church gifted a series of cartoon based bible movies to me. This was by far the most powerful tool when my son was between the ages of 4-8 years old.
    1. The cartoons capture their attention and the stories help the biblical message stick.
    2. Watch the movies and discuss a lesson, the opportunities are endless.
    3. Watch the movie and compare the factual and fictional portions of the movie to what the Bible actually says. This is will teach your child to always fact check.
  2. Download the Holy Bible App on your smart device.
    1. You can listen to the entire Bible for Free!
    2. The App allows you to convert the King James Version into any version you want: NIV, MSG, etc. I set my sons version to MSG and encourage him to listen to other versions
    3. Listen to portion of a book together and have a lively discussion afterwards
  3. Host a “Let’s Talk” session. An open discussion about thoughts and emotions.
    1. They have fears; refer them to the book of Daniel.
    2. They like food, go over Leviticus.
    3. Teach them to reference the Bible for every day concerns, questions and problems. We serve an awesome God and He’s not and should not be far removed from our life.

You can also pray aloud with and for your child on a regular basis. #takemyfoolishadvice always remember their spiritual walk is just like your spiritual walk, it’s a journey, enjoy it together.



Water, Lemons, Sweetness…Lemonade

Happy New Year! I pray that 2014 catapulted you into 2015 with positivity and strength.

Last year I exercised being fearless. My mantra was “throw everything at the wall and see what sticks!” It was the principle among my tight circle of advisors and you know what? I believed it to my core. I dismissed my fears and threw every single hope, dream, aspiration, goal, desire, hardship, obstacle, and decision at the wall. You still don’t understand?? Let me give you the backdrop. At a very early age I maintained the image of throwing a drinking glass at a brick wall to symbolize losing control. The control was in not losing a handle on a situation to begin with; maintaining order and focus. “Keep it together Amy, handle it Amy” is what I would tell myself. So when the devil began to bombard me with reminders of my past transgressions on a regular basis; I felt like everything was being thrown: drinking glasses, plates, vases, sculptures, lamps, pictures, mirrors, chandeliers, everything.

Those images flashed in my mind constantly and those sounds, sounds of something being broken, rung in my ears. Sometimes it was blinding and deafening. It got to the point where those sounds became my speech. “I’m not pretty enough, I’m not smart enough to get that promotion, I don’t make enough money to afford that, I don’t deserve that opportunity.” Even when I was encouraged by others all I actually heard was the voices in my head, “You’re not going to be successfully at that, if you try you’ll fail and everyone will laugh, it’s expected that you will not rise above your current situation.” It was dark. Very dark and alone.

To really understand where I was, went and where I am now you have to take a glimpse into who I am as a person. I’m an introvert and analyst by nature. So those dark places were naturally my place of refuge to think, to analyze, but they transformed into torture chambers where the devil beat me down constantly. Eventually I got to a point where a voice told me “It’s a choice to stay there!” The moment I chose to step into the light I found comfort. I found strength, grace, mercy and forgiveness. I knew the Lord had forgiven me 10 years ago but the truth is I never really forgave myself.


So I stood in the light and figured I had nothing to lose but fear itself. The Lord ordered my steps, gave me courage to overcome some very emotionally obstacles, the wisdom to get a promotion, courage to start a new job and my own business, strengthened my prayer life, communed with me during mediation and quieted my storms. Peace resided in me and with me. Then late last year the tide slowly began to change. The allure of that dark space became more attractive as I wanted to fade away from the world. I wanted that refuge again, forgetting what existed there. My mind was missing that certain clarity, doubt was emerging, shame and guilt paid a visit and before I knew it there was a storm raging.

USE YOUR TOOLS IN THE MIDST OF ADVERSITY. Challenge, hardships and obstacles will come always. The key is to use what you have to combat it; for me that was/still is prayer, motivational literature and media and support from my circle of advisors. Right before New Year’s I was able to hop on a plane and take a trip (to my spot ;-)). I can’t tell you enough how powerful changing your scenery can be. While there I reflected on my tools again. I kept focusing on it and mulling it over. Then it dawned on me, I have everything I need to change my circumstances around. God has given me access to everything I need. So for that reason this year I am committed to using the hurt, the bitterness, the joy, the love, the failures, the heartache, peace, the celebratory moments, the pain all for the good. I am committed to using everything in me because it serves a purpose; to stand in the light and live the best life I can live. I am committed to using my lemons to make lemonade. It will be difficult I positive of that, but I’m reassured that God didn’t bring me this far to leave me in the cold.

#takemyfoolishadvice Changing the way you view life and the obstacles that comes with it is more effective and life changing than a list of goals and resolutions. With a changed heart and mind you can accomplish more than a list! Happy New Year, let’s see what 2015 brings.