Introducing the #takemyfoolishadvice Business Series

 Make Things Happen

So we’re half way through 2016! Let’s check-in. I wanted to share what I have experienced so far in business; my insight, mistakes, pitfalls and successes. These things collected, formed the #takemyfoolishadvice Business Series, which I believe will help a budding entrepreneur. 

My intention is to share with you how and when to take, or avoid, the road less traveled!

Through this series, I funnel out answers to obstacles that have given me relief and propelled me to the next level. As a Business and Technology Professor ( among other things) playing blogger; I would like to transfer some of the tools I teach and the discussions surrounding them here.

I have broken down this series into several topics that I will publish on this blog along with some podcasts to help bring everything full circle. Be sure to follow my blog for upcoming installments and get ready to use and share this information. IT’S TIME FOR ACTION. #takemyfoolishadvice If you haven’t already, be sure to hit follow below.




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