3 Ways I Keep my Eczema Prone Skin Moisturized During the Summer

Amy Beach Ready


The Florida sun and humidity is relentless and brutal on skin. It can leave your skin dry, cracked and brittle. Prolonged exposure to UV rays without protection can lead to skin cancer.

I’ve been battling Eczema for over 30 years and its imperative that I keep my skin moisturized, silky and smooth. To help me achieve just that, I follow a strict daily routine that keeps my skin plump and snapping back. Here are my tips:


  1. I use traditional handmade bar soaps because they contain the natural ingredient glycerin, which commercial bar soaps don’t have. These bar soaps have a great lather and don’t leave my skin feeling stripped.


  1. Some of my favorite bar soaps have natural exfoliates inside the bar. I rub the bar in circular motions right against my body to increase blood flow to the surface of my skin. This aids in cell renewal and rejuvenation. When I need a little extra exfoliation I use a body brush all over my entire body.


  1. Once out of the shower I use a damp cloth to remove the excess water from my body. This is key. NEVER TOWEL DRY! You can only get moisture for water. Your skin is just like a sponge; it expands and opens up when wet. I follow up with a mixture of oils that moisturizes, tones, removes toxins and polishes my skin. Despite what people may believe oils do not leave your body looking slick and slippery. Your skin absorbs the oils within a matter of minute and leaves your skin looking vibrant and alive.

Lotion clogs the pores and does not allow your skin to breathe. You know that ashy skin that you see after you itch, well that’s layers of dried up lotion and dead skin stifling healthier skin from coming to the surface. Lotion goes against everything that you’re trying to achieve.

#takemyfoolishadvice healthier skin begins in the shower and ends with proper moisturizing. Look great in all of your summer pieces by implementing these products into your regime. /ˈBÄDĒ/™ Lemon Soap, Exfoliating /ˈBÄDĒ/™, /ˈBÄDĒ/™Oils.




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