In my Feelings: #themorningcall

Good morning

There’s something about that morning call that’s so seductive. It’s a ballroom dance when no music is playing and our eyes are focused on each other.

It’s that first “hello”……. “hi”….. or “hey” that has me captivated. It immediately draws me into a space of comfort, warmth, harmony, pull my toasted sheets over my shoulders and bury my face in the pillow in the fetal position feeling.

There’s depth. It feels heavy and light at the same time. It must be the fact that I’m the first thing you think about in the morning that intrigues me. It’s got to be the fact that I am a part of your regular routine to get your day going that impresses me. Maybe it’s knowing that this thing that I feel with every hello, is the same thing you feel and you just can’t get enough of it. Certainly, it’s the fact that you want me to feel this way; so you pick up the phone every morning at the same time to give me a piece of you. {shy grin of approval}

Huh! I really don’t want to put my finger on it, I just know it exists and I love it every time you ring. It’s alive and before every call I experience it, then I exhale through my smile. Good morning Sir!

#takemyfoolishadvice Don’t text her good morning, pick up the phone and call. 🙂




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