3 Ways I Taught my Son About Christ From an Early Age

Happy Sabbath!

My son, 10yr old wizkid, soon to be 11 in December has his own personal relationship with Christ. Awesome right! At his own request, he was baptized last November in front of a congregation of family and friends.


Now, how did we get there?!? As a first time Christian mom I struggled with finding the answer that was best for us. I knew I wanted to be his primary source for biblical info. I also wanted to live by example… perfect example that is. Very tough to do seeing as though we are all sinners and fail short of the glory of God daily. I wasn’t without sin in the least bit, matter of fact I had birth my son out of wedlock. I started to feel the pressure but thank God we survived all of that and we landed here.

So you’re a first time mom and you now have this bundle of joy that you’re responsible for the rest of your natural life. What a joy and terrifying nightmare all in one. Let’s be honest, no one wants to raise the next Hitler. {side eye}.

Here’s what I did to teach my son the Bible and about Christ from an early age:

  1. Watch Bible movies: An Elder from church gifted a series of cartoon based bible movies to me. This was by far the most powerful tool when my son was between the ages of 4-8 years old.
    1. The cartoons capture their attention and the stories help the biblical message stick.
    2. Watch the movies and discuss a lesson, the opportunities are endless.
    3. Watch the movie and compare the factual and fictional portions of the movie to what the Bible actually says. This is will teach your child to always fact check.
  2. Download the Holy Bible App on your smart device.
    1. You can listen to the entire Bible for Free!
    2. The App allows you to convert the King James Version into any version you want: NIV, MSG, etc. I set my sons version to MSG and encourage him to listen to other versions
    3. Listen to portion of a book together and have a lively discussion afterwards
  3. Host a “Let’s Talk” session. An open discussion about thoughts and emotions.
    1. They have fears; refer them to the book of Daniel.
    2. They like food, go over Leviticus.
    3. Teach them to reference the Bible for every day concerns, questions and problems. We serve an awesome God and He’s not and should not be far removed from our life.

You can also pray aloud with and for your child on a regular basis. #takemyfoolishadvice always remember their spiritual walk is just like your spiritual walk, it’s a journey, enjoy it together.




Share your advice. Comment!

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