Being Mary Jane, Scandal, Hostage {Rooting for the Mistress}

Every time I tune into one of these shows I feel guilty. I make sure to DVR them and tune in late at night when everyone is asleep. I pour myself something that will go down smooth, something like Jamaican Cream Soda on ice, Welch’s 100% Grape Juice or Sprite with cherries in it. Uuummm, yum! We’re almost ready, my seduction continues. I lay in my favorite couch and snuggle up and give in to my guilty pleasure, successful cheating women on TV.

Morally I’m torn because the character that these women play demonstrates exactly what is wrong with relationships and our treatment of the people we vow to love. People that do not honor their commitments, their marriages and have no sense of dignity are reflected on our screens daily. Their morals can be purchased with power, money, sex or false loyalty. Long are the days of the Huxtable’s. Watching the demise and destruction of the institution of marriage is our quote on quote entertainment. If I’m honest with you, I will also tell you that it’s good entertainment. Dare I say it?!?!

So what is the attraction for me you ask? I really think that above the mind blowing foreplay, passionate love making and tantalizing sex scenes; it’s the amazing talent and level of success each character has been able to achieve. Mary Jane, of Being Mary Jane, is a successful anchor woman. Olivia Pope of Scandal is a highly successful problem solver whose influence reaches as high as the White House and Dr. Ellen of Hostage is a well-practiced surgeon who gets the opportunity to perform surgery on the President among other things. These women are financial stable, soaring at the top of their professional arena and powerful in their own right. They command the space they’re in and that is above attractive and appealing to me. People hang on to their every word. Forget that, let’s go one step further, people depend on their next word. It just so happens that the one thing they want they can’t get on their own so they have to sleep with another women’s husband.

And I still like them. I like what they stand for outside of their adulterous ways. Come in closer, let me tell you something. I’m rooting for their adulterous relationship to actually work, for these men to leave their wives and kids for the mistress. I know, I know, but its true. I find myself justifying why these men are better off with their mistresses and not the women the vowed forever too.

Listen to my crazy…
I want it to work for these women because then they’ll have everything. The wonderful career, the great house, the fantastic love of their life. Everything. No guts, no glory. Okay maybe not but do you see where I’m coming from. Twisted isn’t it.  So sad! Trust me I know you don’t have to tell me. I already know. #televisionisruiningamerica and me in the process. Its all just entertainment, right?

I’m 31 years old ambitious single woman and despite my perplexity in this blog I have a strong moral compass but I think about the younger women that may be watching these shows and allowing their ideology and morality to be compromised. Is it a stretch? I don’t know, let’s talk about it.

Keep it at just “entertainment” on a DVR during a late night. The best thing you can have is YOUR OWN!




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