Why I read my Bible and you should too

Reading is the cornerstone to good writing and good conversation. I believe that. I also believe that one of the best conversations you can have is about your beliefs, your convictions, your passion, your ideology. I often feel like when I am looking for answers or when I’ve accepted that growth needs to occur, I get the best council and comfort from my Bible. I read. Then I have the best personal conversation with myself in my head.


For years I have taken the approach of letting the Bible lead me. When I have pressing concerns I’m more comfortable getting silent, calming down the raging storm, getting into my own head, my own space a

nd listening. It’s quiet there. I find a cozy spot somewhere outdoors to breathe in the fresh air or a room of the house with little to no traffic and let my mind take a slow stroll in my brain.

“Every time I perform an experiment, I am asking God a question. The results are God’s answer to me.” ~Sir Isaac Newton.

Every time I listen, pay attention and read my Bible for an answer, God answers me. ~AWalk

Not only do I find my answers during/after reading my Bible, it re-tracts my mind. I’m more focused on the things that are most important and hone in on the problem or concern that’s irking me. I don’t read for a specific time or length, I just read and listen.

#takemyfoolishadvice crack open the good book, pour yourself a glass of Welch’s grape juice and read. I hope you get the answers you need.




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