How To Be Fearless: Creating my Business


I absolutely love this poem. When I need a bit of encouragement it serves as a double dose. I would encourage you to print it and keep it someplace you can admire it from time to time. I wish I could sit down with the author and watch her say these words to me. I know it sounds a bit strange but it’s the poet in me. I would love to know what she was thinking, feeling even looking at when she wrote each word. Did you write it with pen and pad or pound away at her computer keys intensely? What provoked these thoughts, these sentences? I’m sure I could Google some of these answers but that would take away from the essence of it all.

You want to know how to be fearless? You put one foot in front of the other and you step forward… move faster … no one is watching you… keep going… faster… RUN because you are in a league of your own. God made you uniquely you. NO ONE can be you but you. So run. That’s what I plan to do.

This month is the launch of my company /ˈBÄDĒ/BOX. I have wanted to start this company for over 5 years. I refuse to allow fear to win. Join me in celebrating the creation of /ˈBÄDĒ/BOX. Visit us at

takemyfoolishadvice, it’s time for you to be fearless. I came across a vlogger that has made being fearless her personal mission. Check out Shameless Mya on youtube.




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