All About Starting My Business /ˈBÄDĒ/BOX

The Brand

The Brand

I come from a long line of savvy business men and women. Entrepreneurship, those that came before me defined it. It’s in my blood. Negotiating, sales, marketing, understanding the customer, knowing the power of a dollar, how to stand in a room filled with decision makers; my parents and older siblings wrote the book on it. This is the stock from whence I came. It’s also the burden I carry entitled, “YOU BETTER MEASURE UP TO THE REST”.

So here I am 30 years old with a steady safe career but feeling like I was depriving myself of life and living. I needed and need to pursue my dreams of creating a service, producing a product, building a brand, establishing a business! I decided 2013 was going to be the year of change for me. In 2013 the world was going to experience a nudge in my attitude, a change in my appearance, a shift in my motivations, sharply defined intentions, relentless will power, deep seeded passion, fearlessness, a more famine Amy, an unapologetic sassy and savvy take charge women, a humble personality with a grateful soul.

Introducing me, Amy 2.0 if you will. I have arrived and I can’t go back, I don’t want to go back to desiring life and pursuit of happiness. I am tired of running from what I could be. I am tired of feeling ashamed of wanting to be great. Most of all I’m tired of fearing my own potential and the light that I possess. I only have 1 life to live and I want to live it without pause.

When I first started this blog I mentioned to you that I wanted to figure out my God given purpose.  I have always been haunted by the feeling that I am supposed to do something Great with my life. We can define “great” a thousand different ways. Funny thing is, I haven’t defined it for myself YET… but I have the feeling I’ll know it when I get there. Enough rambling. I started my business because I felt like my life and future depended on it. It was something inside of me that needed to get out. Starting an all natural body and bath line just made perfect sense. I am my own customer. I’ve lived cover up my body in the hot Florida weather because of eczema, not having clear skin, having a reaction to lotions, perfumes and soaps. I’ve created something that works for me and I want as many people as possible to experience what I’m experiencing. This is my accomplishments in the making.

The Service. Visit

The Service

Without further ado I would like to present to you my labor of love, my company, my legacy /ˈBÄDĒ/BOX.

 /ˈBÄDĒ/BOX is an extension of takemyfoolishadvice. It is the advice on all things related to the health of your body. Click here for details on how /ˈBÄDĒ/BOX came to be and here to shop our site.

Quick Entrepreneurship 101 Tip: Get started where you are. Check 🙂

Please understand that I need you. Yes, you; the person reading my blog posts regularly, the one following my Instagram, liking my Facebook… I don’t know your name or what you look like but I know I need you. I need your encouragement, advice, warmth, your support, to know your name, for you to introduce me to a great guy :-)… Just joking, maybe not. LOL. Bottom line is I want to get to know you and continue to build this community of advisers with you being one of them. Tell me who you are and how we can grow together. I plan on taking things to another level!

Takemyfoolishadvice, if you take this journey with me I’ll make sure that we stay together, I’ll never let you leave your drink unattended or with a stranger. Let’s get this party going!




One thought on “All About Starting My Business /ˈBÄDĒ/BOX

  1. blessedzeta02 says:

    Hi, my name is Sue….sign me up! I LOVED this installment of your blog. You are going places, not by your might, but by His. He is the source that fuels you. Before you were ever created, he designed us beings to be/feel void without Him (Ecc 3:11). I’m sure your business will be a great success, I’ve already heard about advancements in the past couple of months. Remember Him always and trust Him to lead you. I am so proud of you!


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