#1 Reason Why I’m an Entrepreneur and Reminded not to Fail

My Son

If I never mentioned it to you before, MY SON SAVED MY LIFE. I’ve been a mother for 8 years now and it’s been the greatest 8 years. My son is a blessing to me each and every day. Before my son, I was a broken vessel, filled with misplaced anger and rage. I felt like the world was my battle field and every single day was a fight to the death. I bit off the heads of those that loved me and waged war with those that tried to help me. Everyone was against me; at least that’s what I believed. It was only a matter of time before I met my match. I don’t even want to think of where I would have ended up in life if I had continued with that mindset.

At 21 life changed for me. I found out I was having a baby, a baby boy to be exact. My world was already all over the place but finding out I was pregnant forced me to focus on what was critical to surviving and being mentally happy. Once I gained focus most of the storms in my life subsided. I depended solely on God and my relationship with Christ was enriched and strengthened by the experiences throughout my pregnancy. About a month before my son was born I remember one night sitting and talking with my mother. Before we both drifted off to sleep she said, “This baby saved your life because I didn’t think you would still be here.”

My son has taught me about innocence and honesty all over again. He has reminded me of simple “love” and the joy that can be created from a simple “smile”. He reminds me that kindness is more than a word but something that has to be exercised regularly, which he does. He loves old people, just like me. He likes to make them smile and laugh. His smile could soften the hardest of hearts; I promise you it’s that wonderful. He has deep dimples like my mother, slanted eyes like his father and a small mouth that creates an enormous smile like mine. 🙂

Today I sit back and wonder where he got all if these wonderful traits that I admire and adore so much. Who was his example? I would love to take all the credit and proclaim to the world that it was my superior mothering skills but the truth is my son is a reflection of all those that helped me raise him. As a single mom I rely on immediate family and close friends to be present when I can’t. And that my friend was the first step in changing my mental state of mine. I had to trust again, I had to be vulnerable with the most precious thing in my life, my son, I had to believe that I was enough and worthy of assistance when I needed it. Soon the world wasn’t my battlefield and the people in it were forgiving enough to love me despite it all. I’ve been able to form and maintain healthier relationships in the past 8 years and I’m a happier and more positive person. THANK GOD!

I know Mother’s Day was created to celebrate all that Mother’s do, it’s an important day. It’s just that this Mother’s Day the credit for the type of women I am and the mother I am goes to my 8 year old son. This year and every year since his birth I’m thankful for what his existence has done for my life. Happy Mother’s Day to all of my mother’s out there. Please leave your best motherly advice below in the comment section.

#takemyfoolishadvice just when you think you’re not capable of doing something, being something, creating something that’s good enough, great enough or simply enough; your child may be the power and inspiration you need to save your own life and make better decisions. My son did it for me!



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