My father is having an affair…. And my son busted him!

Baby and Me

In lieu of Mother’s Day I wanted to share with you all one of my fondest moments with my son.

True story. My son, 6 ½ years old wiz kid. He is very smart and intuitive, he’s especially mindful of women. Picture this, I’m walking into Michael’s craft store with my son and mother. Mom wonders off through the aisles leaving my son and I alone, looking at stickers.

“Mommy.” Says my son. “Yes honey.” I replied. “I have something to tell you but I don’t want grandma to hear because I don’t want her to start crying.” He whispers. Puzzled, I gave him my full attention “Honey why would grandma start crying?” I can tell he’s nervous. Softly he utters, “I don’t know how to say this. You know that lady that works at the front desk at my school?”

Now you guys know me, in my mind I’ve already pictured someone at the school doing or saying something to my child and me going wild crazy monkey on they ass in a matter of seconds. I gather myself and reply, “Yeah, what about her.” “Well when grandpa picked me up from school today she said, (his voice goes high pitch) “Oh Mr. Walker you look soooooo good for your age. With a smile.” “With a smile honey?” I say with a matter of fact look on my face. Then I added, “What did grandpa say?”

Grandpa laughed and said, (he lowers his voice to mimic the bass in grandpa’s voice) “Thank you baby, thank you” and then when he went to sign me out in the book, grandpa said to her “When I was young I had all the ladies after me. You would have been one of them.” Then she said she was sure of it. When we were leaving the school, Grandpa said “Okay baby, see you next time.”

Still puzzled I asked gently, “So what’s wrong honey?”

Excitedly with both hands stretched out in frustration he says, “Mommy don’t you see, Grandpa is cheating on Grandma. We have to cover it up so Grandma doesn’t get hurt. She’ll cry if she finds out that grandpa is cheating! She can’t find out!”

I flat lined.

By this time I’m on the floor dying with laughter! When I see the tears rolling down my son’s face all I could do was hug him. “Honey, what would make you think Grandpa is cheating on Grandma?” With watery eyes he says to me, “Because Grandpa called the lady “baby”. And you’re only supposed to call your wife baby.”

It hits me, I recall an earlier conversation that I had telling my son that men were only supposed to call their wife “baby”. LMBO. I corrected him and assured him Grandpa was not cheating on Grandma. I admired his desire to protect grandma from news that would certainly crush her. But I was sure to tell him that no matter how much the truth might hurt someone, you never want to cover it up. This was just one of many funny moments between my son and I. I’m so blessed to have him.

Share your fondest memory between you and your child below!



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3 thoughts on “My father is having an affair…. And my son busted him!

  1. blessedzeta02 says:

    Absolutely hilarious! We can’t fathom the thought processes that go through the mind of a child. What a blessing they are!


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