We don’t want to see any more bodies in the street.

The Harriott's leaving for Africa Jan. 2012

The Harriott’s leaving for Africa Jan. 2012

Hey TMFA family,

I hope all is well with you all. Last year I told you about two close friends of mine that had given up their life here in America to serve as missionaries in Africa. Well today, like most days, I received an update on their well being and it resonated with me differently. Over the past couple of weeks I’ve been working hard on preparing to launch my business, all while complaining of the extra fees and forms, hoops and obstacles, protocols and statues that I have to closely adhere too. I will be honest over the past couple of weeks I had forgotten how blessed and fortunate I am that as a woman, a young woman, as a young black woman, I am able to start and run a business with no adverse actions on my life or wellbeing. Well the below update reminded me of my freedoms and how blessed and fortunate I am to reside in a country that I am afforded such liberties. Please read below.

3/4/13 Update| Missionaries Andre and Coline Harriott. Stationed in Kenya, Africa…….

As Kenya’s presidential election on March 4th draws near, the country promotes peace but most are nervous. Business/government & even some missions are delayed until the election passes. The only thriving businesses right now are the food retailers. It feels like hurricane season here with all the people emptying shelves and buying shopping carts full of rice and flour! While most say they don’t expect any problems, it is clear that people are willing to error on the side of caution. The store will be closed on Monday the 4th so it seems they are willing to make the same “error”.

Violence has increased sot a point that at 7am yesterday morning Colineand I saw the body of a young man bloody and stretched out on the sidewalk. At some point in the night thugs killed him and seriously hurt another. This was actually in one of the nicer areas in Nairobi, Kenya where we can’t afford to live and it seems these men were just passing through that night. The vision of them was a sharp reminder of how fragile life is and how we must thank and depend on God for it all.

Please pray that Kenya has peaceful elections and that the tension subsides. The polls indicate that 2 candidates are neck & neck. The constitution requires that the winner must have more than 50% of the vote. So due to the likelihood that the other 6 note worthy candidates will collectively get a good portion of the votes we are almost certain to have a run-off by the top two candidates. This will be held on April 11th. Many fear that between March 4th and April 11th could be the most volatile time. The “gloves” will be off so to speak. The political niceties will change to a much more direct rhetoric. So please remember us and Kenya in your prayers! We don’t want to see any more bodies in the street.

We debated over sharing this news because we did not want to alarm you but we decided it was the best way to communicate the urgent need for earnest prayer. We are being very careful and staying safe. We live in a safe area near the National Defense College and we are mindful of where we go and when.

Our 2 dogs are still pups but have big barks! 🙂

We thank you for your prayers.

Your Missionaries,

Andre & Coline Harriott


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