Be Ready for Your Opportunity…Sharing my Disappointment

Hello TMFA family,

Disappointed WomanI wanted to share with you something that happened to me early last week. Since the summer of last year I’ve been very vocal with my family and colleagues about wanting to become a professor; teaching general business, marketing and human resources courses. Well last week my colleague said to me “why haven’t you applied for those types of positions yet?” And I explained that I was waiting for the ideal time. To be honest there is and was no “ideal” time I just had not put my desire into tangible form. She wasn’t buying my answer and quickly gave me the names of some key people that could take my dream and make it my reality. I went immediately to my desk and called all three people on the list. One never called back, the second one wasn’t helpful or encouraging at all but the third, the third individual was different.

The third individuals took the time to speak with me about what I needed to do and how I needed to do it. She even went as far as requesting I email my transcripts to her before we got off the phone. I was amazed and completely taken back by the information she had so freely given and the fact that she would credential (meaning, look over your transcripts and professional experience to determine what courses I would be qualified to teach at that institution) me on the spot. She called me back about 30 minutes later and told me that my entrepreneurial experience in starting and running my own business is exactly what they were looking for the 2013 summer sessions. She also told me that talks were going on right now to select candidates to hire and I should take her recommendation, my resume, transcripts and information regarding my business immediately to the hiring manager.

Allow me to set the stage for you so you can really feel the dynamics of this situation as it occurred. The hiring manager travels a lot and would only be in the office the very next day. His calendar was already filled so getting some face time would be difficult. This woman that had been so helpful would be able to assist me in that regard. Before we got off the phone she informed me of one more thing, she was retiring the very next day so I should try to take full advantage of her last day of employment.

My window of opportunity was there, as narrow as it might have been, it was there. I went home and tried desperately to compose an eloquent cover letter and restructure my resume to highlight the key elements that would set me apart from the rest. I also needed a current business portfolio to demonstrate how my company went from conception to today. None of these things I had ready to go. I was deflated.

The Disappointment:
I didn’t get the cover letter, resume and portfolio done. The next day came without me getting in front of the hiring manager. The sweet lady that was ready, willing and able to assist me, had bid me farewell and good luck on her last day. I was left in almost the same position I had started.

I had resolved to say that “Well maybe it wasn’t the right time. When God sees fit to lead….” No, I messed up. I prayed for something while doing nothing and expected results. God doesn’t work like that.

#takemyfoolishadvice you can’t pray for an opportunity and not be prepared for it. We may never know when our opportunity will arise and how long it will be there so we have to be prepared. I hope you are prepared for your next opportunity.




5 thoughts on “Be Ready for Your Opportunity…Sharing my Disappointment

  1. Frankie C says:

    I promised myself from January 1st of 2013 that I would be as prepared as I could be to take advantage of great opportunities/blessings given to me. Great testimony, thanks for sharing!


  2. blessedzeta02 says:

    Thank you for candidly sharing your experience with us. Take your advice next time a window opens up. I love u, Baby.


  3. blessedzeta02 says:

    Thank you for candidly sharing your experience with us. I know the chances are that much better that you’ll take your own, brilliant advice next time a window opens. I love you, Baby.


  4. MrsGlam says:

    This post is great. Thank you for sharing this experience with us. It gave me just the push I needed to work on some unfinished items.


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