Celebrating my 30th Birthday all Month Long

I decided earlier this year that I wanted a HUGE 30th birthday bash. I wanted a fresh new hip experience with my closest friends and loved ones around me. My birthday was November 17th and as the month approached I couldn’t quite think of the most supreme way to usher in a new decade of life and adventure.

I first decided on a resort stay in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. Not everyone could make it. So that changed to a cruise to Cozumel, Mexico but due to scheduling conflicts the cruise was sold out and not everyone could get a cabin. That trip has now been postponed to the summer of 2013. My options were short and time was expiring. I struggled with not having everyone that I wanted to spend my birthday with in one location. Thus I decided to celebrate my birthday the whole month of November and take the party to them if possible. My month long celebration officially ended November 30th.

Here is a rundown of what I did and the less incriminating pictures to go along with them. Hope you enjoy as much as I did.

Week 1: Fort Lauderdale & Miami, FL

This weekend was awesome because it was Fort Lauderdale’s Jerk Festival, Art Festival, and South Florida’s International Auto Show. I stopped by all my favorite restaurants for fresh Sushi and Asian cuisine. I skipped out on the Jerk Festival because let’s face it; I’m Jamaican and I can enjoy most of those flavors at home. When I wasn’t eating I spent most of the weekend at church, on South Beach shopping and hanging out with friends.

I caught “SkyFall” on its opening weekend. For those of you living under a rock, it featured the sexy and sophisticated Daniel Craig as James Bond. Mini-review: I love the Bond series and Daniel Craig BUT I felt like this movie fell a little flat and it was too long for no reason. The plot really wasn’t that complex. All the same I was really excited about a hot love scene between Eve and Bond, but that never happened. Naomi Harris, aka Eve, did a great job as I anticipated she would. I wish she had played a more prominent role in this feature but I presume that is to come when she reprises the role of M.

Let’s eat!

Week 2: South Florida
In the middle of the week I hosted a young adult meet-up over a huge bon fire. It was a great relaxing way to share experiences with like minded folks. At the end of the week my fabulous co-workers decorated my office with birthday party decor, they caught me completely off guard, and treated me to lunch. Having co-workers that you love is a wonderful feeling!

I went to church on my birthday which was a gift within itself.

Week 3: Thanksgiving Day and Nassau, Bahamas

I love this time of year, family, friends and lots of food. This is the second year in a row that I cooked Thanksgiving Day dinner. I enjoyed sharpening my culinary skills but I’m happy Thanksgiving Day only comes once a year.

To the cruise ship we go! The next morning we woke up and jumped in the car to head to Miami, FL. So here is a little tid bit about me that you never knew. I have only been out of the United States once in my lifetime. And, I have never been on a cruise before. So ultimately this was the best 30th birthday experience to have. I sailed Carnival’s Imagination. The first night was a bit rough but the next three days I was aw struck by the beauty of God’s creation. Once in the Bahamas I had a hard time appreciating all it had to offer because it reminded me so much of Florida. I am fortunate enough to have beautiful beaches and crystal clear waters in my back yard. Never the less the people were jolly and I felt right at home.

Take a look!

By the end of the month I was exhausted but happy to have shared a little piece of me with those I cared for. Most of all I’m ecstatic about, and for, the New Year.

#takemyfoolishadvice live life today because each day is a celebration on its own!




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