Eve didn’t approach Adam 1st. So why would I ask you for your number?

Adam asked God to give him a companion and a woman was God’s response. Notice that the man had to make the request. It was the man that made the first move. So explain to me why men expect for woman to approach them when they’re interested. Explain to me how two people can have intense eye contact with each other across the room but the man never makes a move. Before you say that he probably wasn’t that in to her, let’s just pretend for a moment that he was. And while you’re at it, explain to me why the 2012 man likes it when a woman approaches him for his number.

Eve wasn’t the aggressor then and I’m sure not going to be it now. I think it paints a woman as desperate and without tact. I know I’m old fashion but I refuse to believe that the good ole days of a man approaching a woman, are over.

Am I out of touch with what’s going on in 2012? Let me know below.

Warm regards,



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