Single and working for Christ

Most churches have a singles ministry but I will be honest, I have never joined. Over the years my interest has varied but never enough to take the plunge and venture inside a meeting. While what I am about to say next is far from the truth a part of me feels that Single Ministries have a stench of “desperation” attached to them. I know there main objective is not to play match maker but I don’t necessary feel comfortable with the labels and thoughts associates with it. Again, I will admit I’m an outsider looking in.

All these dating sites directed toward Christian singles only serves as added pressure to find your “soul mate”. The devil will sometimes use my feelings of loneliness and sadness, to make these mediums look more and more appealing. I’m not surprised when he dangles what appears to be something good in front of me just to separate me from the love of Christ.

While the lows and lengths of these lonely spells are few and far between they still occur. I find solace in reading, writing, mediating, find new adventures (small ones) to explore and/or adding projects to things I’m working on. The important part about doing these things is it allows feel good about myself and good about the people I’m serving. I feel more fulfilled when I am making good quality use of my time and God given talents. Those close to me will say that I work 24.5 hours a day just to stay busy enough. That is partially true and that is okay because I’ve never known someone to get in trouble by being busy at work and focused on Christ.

I do think that during my single life I’m able to work for Christ in a way married couples can’t. And being single is definitely a time to build, tear down and build again a relationship with Christ that will survive life; literally and figuratively. I enjoy the work that I do in my Lords name; it brings me true joy, happiness and peace. I do it because I love it and I want Christ to be proud of the work I’ve been able to do, for His kingdom, with the gifts he’s given me.  If I am to be married I want my husband to find me working in the church, for my family and community. I’m not sure yet why it’s so important to me but I’m content with knowing that it is for now. We can talk about this some more if you like. Feel free to also ask me questions on how to combat the lonely.

#takemyfoolishadvice being a Christian single is not a death sentence. The best is always what God has in store for you.




One thought on “Single and working for Christ

  1. 4 says:

    I love this article. I’m in a transitional state with my faith right now, but I know back when I had a solid church community that I could be active in and rely on, being single was never as front of mind as it seems now. I miss having that environment to be in…


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