I Can’t Forget You

Since we chatted last

… I refuse to have the month of September pass without connecting with you all. I know that you have been visiting the blog on a constant basis expecting to see an update, expecting to see part 3 of “I called the wedding off”, expecting to see more information on this season of change I’m going through and I have produced nothing. Shame on me.

Well I have not abandoned you, I just got knocked out of my routine and it seems like I’ve been upside down since. Lately I’ve also had a hard time turning everything off. My mind has been racing a 100 miles a minute and so many people are depending or needing me to produce. And I just haven’t had a chance to catch up to myself. This weekend I was able to put a few key things back in prospective and get my footing again.

I’m back on my J.O.B and I’m feeling good about the things to come to takemyfoolishadvice.

I’m blessed to have this forum and even more blessed to have such faithful followers that are pleased to read the thoughts I conjure up.

#takemyfoolishadvice Slow Down and jam to some Miguel while sipping Sprite with cherries in it. It helped being the calm back to my existence.




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