Jesus Prays for YOU, personally!

Hey Guys,

I know this is really random but I wanted to share with you something that kind of blew my mind tonight. I attended a young adult meet-up and we discussed the Holy Bible, the book of John chapters 17 and 18. These two chapters touched my soul and moved me to tears.

In my mind I know that Jesus loves and cares for us, obviously, He died for us. I know this. And I also know that Jesus prays for us. But tonight knowing that and reading Jesus’ pray in John chapter 18 made my heart know, in a different way, just how much He loves us.  Jesus is in Heaven praying for ME, little ole me to make it; for me to truly be happy and joyful; for Me to be successful; for me to push through life’s obstacles and defeat the Devil; for me now to be lost to this world. It blows my mind. Before sunrise at the same time every morning you can find me in prayer. It blows my mind to think that Jesus may have a set time daily, weekly, hourly just for ME.

My heart and mind really connected in a different way tonight and I hope you guess can appreciate the realization I felt. Again, I know this is random but random is good some times. I recommend reading the chapters, they’re fairly short and a great read. Once you do read it come back and tell me what you thought of Jesus’ prayer. God Bless and stay strong Jesus is cheering you on to the finish line.




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