Changes| There is something brewing!

Every now and then I move into a season of change. I want to change everything about me; the way I look, what I eat, where I go, what I do for pleasure/leisure, my hair, my philosophy on a few things, everything. Well that season has come around again and my mind is swelling and swirling with new ideas and new adventures that I want to experience.

In the past when I’ve felt this way I’ve went bald, moved across a whole state, rode on the back of a strangers motorcycle, took a 2 week vacation to sin city alone, became a vegetarian, bought a dog and changed my wardrobe from “rocker fab” to “power to the people” to “sophisticated chic” all within a short time frame.

My changes has been, and is, a time of conscious reckless abandonment and leaving my inhibitions at the door. I’m most creative, driven and ambitious during these times. I’m looking forward to taking you guys along for the ride. I might even throw in some pics… nah, that’s evidence. LOL

#takemyfoolishadvice a chance for change takes place every moment of the day. Go for it like the world is watching.




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