I Want to See You Fail

We seem to be a growing society that relishes in the failures of someone else. It is almost as if we are obsessed and instantly satisfied to see someone completely defeated. And I am not referring to a competitive nature. I am talking about finding comfort, solace in the failure of others solely to make one self feel better, more significant, confident and happy.  There is something gravely wrong and destructive with this type of mentality.

Amongst my family and closest friends, I always refer to our relationships as “Team Amy”. If you are not on “Team Amy” then you are not within my circle of trust (“Meet The Fockers” reference. I love that movie. LOL). Then you are not within my circle of love. You are not in my circle of joy, happiness, and sweet pleasure. I have felt the change in my personality, my physical and mental health and my spirit when I have someone with a negative, prideful and spiteful spirit around me. I’ve had to dissolve some friendships and even remove myself from certain family members because they were not on my team. Trust me when I say I am a happy and healthier Amy for it.

If you find yourself depressed all the time, check your team. If you’re always second guessing your God given capabilities because you have someone constantly telling you “why it’s not going to work out”, then check your team. If you have someone always reminding you of the no good person you used to be while you’re changing for the better now, check your team. If you have someone that’s always waiting, watching and gloating when they see someone else fail, don’t think you’re so special, they’ll probably do the same to you; check your team.

#TakeMyFoolishAdvice life is a gift from God and as long as sin exist it’s going to be tough whither you’re in this world by yourself or with a thousand people. You already have one devil to fight on a daily basis why comprise your team with more.

Surround yourself with positivity, people who love you and praise. I have been jamming to Marvin Sapp’s “Praise Him in Advance” all week. If you are trying to make some healthy and positive changes in your life then keep pushing, I’m on your team!





6 thoughts on “I Want to See You Fail

  1. Damien "The Good Omen" Freeman says:

    If you are talking relative to society in general, there have been conflicts, feuds, rivalries, etc… throughout human history. Are we, as a society, committing increasingly “inhuman” acts or are there just more of them relative to population growth? With that said, I wonder how Dr. Sigmund Freud would read into this article? You could just have some repressed anger issue of your own? 😉

    Yours truly,
    Devil’s Advocate for humanity


    • takemyfoolishadvice says:

      Hey Damien,

      Good to hear from you. As always we love to have the male perspective.

      I agree that we have always been a planet that coexisted with good and evil. However, we are also a planet that has experienced a tremendous degree of advancement in a plethora of areas. There is enough variations and degrees of “success” to go around.

      In regards to Freud, I don’t agree with most of his studies regarding the human psychology so I’m sure if he read my posting he would not agree with my assessment.

      As for having repressed anger issues of my own, I would have to say they are not repressed or angry feeling. I am, however, disappointed that society (and its viewers) rather live in destruction as opposed to growth.

      Thanks for your feedback. I hope to hear from you again soon.




  2. Fred Lane says:

    @ Damien I think you totally missed the point. The article is basically saying get rid of the negativity in your life. A positive atmosphere will leave you in a better mental and physical state.TMFA has a solid point here. I agree. I’ve also have been in the same type of situations where I had to dissolve relationships with some family members and friends, and when I did that I saw more good things come my way. People that want you to fail are no good for you.


    • takemyfoolishadvice says:

      Hey Fred,

      Absolutely! Right on point. A positive atmosphere can do a world of difference for everyone involved. Its a shame that you had to dissolve relationships with family and friends but at the end of the day we have to be responsible for what we put into the world as well as safe guard our own well being.

      Here’s to healthy relationships buddy.




  3. Puri says:

    I so love your article. chanced on it on a day when am feeling really low.But after reading this, I’m all set to go.. Thank you … and now I go Audit Team Puri :)) Have a Blessed Christmas and a great 2013!


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