A Huge Thank You!

If you were to ask me in November 2011 what the reach of takemyfoolishadvice.com would be in June 2012 I probably would have said my local area. The day I started this site, I prayed that it would reach at least one person and simply inspire or motivate them. So the problem with that answer is simply, I put a limit on what God can and will do for me. You all have inspired me.

I am so overjoyed and humble to share with you all that takemyfoolishadvice.com now has readers in over 74 countries; with top international readership in the United Kingdom, India and Canada. Welcome to the family Bangladesh, Serbia, Sri Lanka, Armenia and the Republic of Korea. In addition, since creating this site I have made a guest appearance of the Anderson Cooper Show sharing myfoolishadvice and started a book series. This is all a stretch of the imagination for me. I never would have dreamed any of this but I am grateful it is all happening. I look forward to the future.

Thank you all for helping my words, thoughts and dreams go international! You all have been a blessing to me.

#takemyfoolishadvice only follow your dreams if you’re going to trust in God.

P.S I can’t wait to visit some of these countries.



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