Jack of All Trades but Master of None

I am sure you all are familiar with the term but in the event that you are unaware of the meaning, let me explain. A jack of all trades but a master of none describes a novice that holds a variety of interests or talents but fails to be an expert at a single one. Growing up I knew this to be an unfavorable quality especially for a man to have. Being a jack of all trades spoke poorly of your character and your level of professionalism

But today in 2012 being a jack of all trades seems to be requirement and in most positions a prerequisite. Both unemployed and employed professionals can attest that their initial set job duties no longer exist. Have you read job descriptions lately… Allow me to enlighten you!

Position: Entry Level Human Resources Coordinator
Classification: Full time
Salary: $21,000 just enough to buy bread and water for survival
Qualification: Masters degree in all related fields

Job Description:
This position performs advanced technical and professional work in support of one or a combination of the following functions in the Office of Human Resources: benefits administration; staffing services; contracts and compensation; employee on-boarding; or classification. Work requires close adherence to policies and procedures and applicable federal and state laws.

Other duties included being a social worker on a daily bases, an on demand psychiatrist  and referee when over worked employees final snap and go postal. You never know when it’s about to go down. The incumbent in this position will also have to be cold hearted enough to administer termination procedures for employees that fail to suck up to their superiors. Lastly but not least this individual will at times operate as the office clown keeping in line with this circus called a professional work environment.

These essential job functions are not to be construed as a complete statement of all duties performed; employees will be required to perform other job related duties as required.  An employee with a disability is encouraged to contact the Human Resources Office to be discriminated against. Thank you for applying!

All I’m saying is with this economic down turn jobs are being consolidated and hemorrhaging. The ones that seem to avoid the pink slip are the ones that can jungle multiple hats, whether they are good at it or not. #takemyfoolishadvice the next time your employers ask you to perform a duty outside of your job description gladly accept. Yes it may be unjust and downright suck but it may be the very thing that keeps you employed. After all isn’t that the name of the game at this point. Best of luck on the job!




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