Are your family problems keeping you single?

Have you ever dated someone that didn’t have a good relationship with their immediate family? Do you have a single male friend that speaks very poorly of the women in his family? Or a single female friend that always have a problem with a certain race, height or masculine allure of a man? If you answered yes, it could very well be the reason why they are single!

Has it ever dawned on you that the way you treat the opposite sex in your immediate family is sometimes a clear indication to your mate of how you would treat them. One of my favorite questions to ask on the first date is, “Why do you love your mother?” The answer gives me great insight into his character and how he would potentially treat me. Remember the Bible says, “So shall a man leave father and mother, and shall cleave to his wife.” Matt. 19:5. No one wants to enter into a family full of drama or a family that is extremely difficult to warm up too. When your mate encounters this type of atmosphere they are likely to jump ship quick. You can’t blame them. It is not a far stretch of the imagination for them to see themselves receiving the same treatment you dish out.  I know that some people believe that the family of your mate, and your mate, is no longer a packaged deal; I would venture to say that kind of ideology has contributed to the divorce rate.

So if you find that you have a lot of great qualities going for yourself and you’re still single, try looking at your family dynamics and see what it’s telling your mate.

#takemyfoolishadvice you don’t want to introduce the person you are dating to your family too soon. Take your time to get to know your partner and allow them to do the same, especially if your family dynamics is less then desirable.



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3 thoughts on “Are your family problems keeping you single?

  1. Damien Freeman says:

    If “your family problems are keeping you single”, either you are way to close to your family for it to be affecting your relationship(s), ALL of the people you deal with are just relatively intolerant, there is something wrong with YOU or, you don’t want to be single… if we are going with an “in general” here, my bet… its on the individual, not the “family issues”


  2. Calgary Wedding Planning says:

    I believe that it can be handled, what you need is the right answer and an appropriate explanation for that. Everyone has some family issues. You need to handle those issues without affecting others like don’t talk about with those who don’t want to listen about it or don’t care, it would not do any good. Solve the issues then you can have a healthy relationship.


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