OMG Moment #3: He smelt my shoe on our 1st date

I decided to put myself back out there and see what the dating scene was like after all these years. I agreed to go on a blind date with a handsome cool brown skin gentleman, with a low cut Caesar and goatee. Ladies he was very attractive and in great physical shape. We spoke on the phone a few times and seemed to really hit it off. From the pictures he sent me, skiing, surfing and riding his motorcycle, I could tell that he was adventurous and that appealed to me.

We decided the first date would be dinner and a movie after work in an area I was a tad bit unfamiliar with. I took a wrong turn somewhere and got lost on my way to the restaurant. I called him for directions and pulled over at a gas station as he had instructed. It was still bright out so I wasn’t scared. Plus, I knew how to find the expressway if I wanted to head home. He arrived at the gas station about 15 minutes later, making that our first encounter. Not really what I was going for but I was the one who had gotten lost. I was pleased that he did the gentleman like thing by coming to get me as oppose to giving me more directions over the phone though.

He opened my car door, we hugged and said hello to each other. I thought that I would get back into my car and immediately follow him to the restaurant but instead he began to make small talk. I figured he was nervous. I’ll admit I certainly was. I tried really hard not to stare and smile but he was very attractive. After a few minutes I sat back into my car and just when he was about to close my door he said, “AWalk you are even more attractive in person. You look beautiful. I love your outfit and the way put yourself together, you look terrific!” Ladies, my heart was like warm butter over some hot corn on the cobb. LOL. I smiled and said, “thank you” as if I wasn’t fazed a bit. I reached to start my engine but noticed he still had not closed my door. That’s when he hit me with it. This fine tall handsome man looked me dead in the eye and said “You have on a nice pair of heels there. You mind slipping your feet out so I can take a look at your toes?” WHAT?!?!?!? LMBO! I had started to chuckle then it grew into a full blown laughter.

We had joked on the phone about women that wore high heeled pointy toe shoes with jacked up hammer toes before. I was really hoping that this was a joke gone too far but would quickly end. NOPE. He crouched down and slipped off my shoe so fast and so smoothly, it caught me completely off guard. I was startled and yet excited at the same time at his skills. It made my mind wonder for a minute. LOL. Don’t judge me.

Now, I have been told that I have pretty feet many times before. And it’s true. I scrub my feet daily in the shower and I keep them well-manicured. I was not ashamed to show them off but this was our first date and we were at a gas station on the way to dinner. That’s when he did the unthinkable ladies; he held my shoe to his face and inhaled deeeeeeep. He looked at me and said, “Bet you thought I was joking about having a foot fetish! Nah girl, you have cute feet too. The kissable type!”

Stick a fork in me, I’m done. I was SHOCKED. I thought to myself “never before and never again”. I asked for my shoe back with a disgusted smile on my face.

Once we began our journey to the restaurant, I pulled a quick right when he made a left and I was on the expressway home; never to be heard from again. He called and left a message apologizing and asking for another date but flashes of him wearing my shoes and licking my toes kept me from returning his calls. I’m just not into all of that.

LOL needless to say it was an interesting encounter and way too funny. I’ll let you guys know how the next date goes. #takemyfoolishadvice the purpose of the first date is to get a second one. Don’t let too much of yourself out there at once, it might be too much for the other person to handle. Share your craziest dating stories below.

Happy dating!


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11 thoughts on “OMG Moment #3: He smelt my shoe on our 1st date

  1. Nyki Kennedy says:

    Oh wowwwww. I’m, over here dying with this one lol. At least you found out about the crazy foot fetish right the start. I’m just curious though about how crazy he gets if he was smelling your shoes by date #1.


    • takemyfoolishadvice says:

      Hi Fred,

      Thanks for commenting. Question for you, are you implying that one of the reasons why black women are single is because we’re not willing to entertain a fetish? Do you have a fetish that has been reject by a black woman? Let’s talk some more. As always I’m interested in what my readers have to say!




  2. Fred Lane says:

    It’s more of the dramatics and difficulties of the modern day Black American women. They are nothing like the ones of the Sanford and Son days. lol It appears the stupidest things offend them, very materialistic, inconsiderate, argumentative, and the crazy high expectations out of men. You know the whole salary, and physical requirements when a lot of them don’t even fit that themselves. Of course all Black American women do not have these traits, but unfortunately most of them have one if not all of them these days.

    He smelled your shoe….wow big deal. I do think he mentioned he had a foot fetish one the phone when he talked to you right? So right there you could have ended it there instead of the man wasting his gas and time. Plus how do you know if you don’t like your toes sucked (assuming you never had it done)?

    This not a black man rant, but just observations with Black American women. I had to add the American part. When I date a black woman she is usually Hispanic or from an island. There is a HUGE difference between them and Black American women. I’m from Miami so we mix it up like a gumbo down here. lol Like Chris Rock said, ” Black men like options.” lol


    • takemyfoolishadvice says:


      Good to hear from you. How are you?

      LMBO@He smelled your shoe….wow big deal.


      Plus how do you know if you don’t like your toes sucked (assuming you never had it done)?

      LOL I needed that chuckle tonight. Well Fred it would not have been a big deal if he had eased me into or prepped me a little for the whole attraction or foot fetish. I would have preferred if he didn’t just jump right in to it and at a gas station at that. I think sometimes men are quick to stay that African American women are reluctant or hesitant to try new things when sometimes the truth is we don’t like the way it was presented/proposed to us.

      See it from my perspective. Having a foot fetish is a sexual preference, just like S&M, 3 somes, etc. I would hope and prefer that the person I am dating or in a relationship with would not put me in a situation where I feel forced or pressure to accept or engage in something unorthodox without some warning, fair notice, something. And that’s how my date made me feel. It was just like boom… this is what I like, I don’t care how you feel about it and you’re going to like it too, so just relax. Really…This is the 1st date and if you’re personality is that selfish then we’re not compatible let’s not waste time. Once he showed me the type of person he was I made the decision to go my own way.

      Your right I don’t know if I would like it or not, but I certainly didn’t want to find out before dinner at the gas station. All in all, I see your point of view and its validity. I love and miss Miami, enjoy the melting pot.

      Keep them coming!



  3. Fred Lane says:

    Whoops I didn’t answer your correction directly. I have had yes and no to the foot thing with black american women. I would say they are less open to it then non black american women, Hispanic or Asian in my experiences.


    • takemyfoolishadvice says:

      Hey Fred,

      I personally have not dated outside of my race YET. But I could imagine that people are naturally socialized to embrace certain behaviors and characteristics that are familiar to them. With that being said I wouldn’t necessarily label a whole demographic as responsive or less responsive to exploring new endeavors. I think everyone is open to trying “new things” if presented with that “new thing” in a proper manner. But I accept that this has been your personal experience to date.

      Kudos to you for being open minded and trying something different though!




      • Fred Lane says:

        Hi TMFA,

        I think Black American woman should try to date outside their race. I mean it is no secret that they are the most single women on the planet. I don’t believe they would be as single if they dated outside of their race. I think other ethnic groups would embrace their idiosyncrasies better than an established Black man. Just my two cents.


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