Featured: Meet Andre & Coline Harriott

Andre & Coline Harriott

To kick off the new “Featured” series on takemyfoolishadvice I turned to two amazing young professionals that have an even more amazing story to tell. Meet one of my favorite young, black and married couple; Andre and Coline Harriott. These two brought the fairytale, boy meets girl… girl falls in love with boy… boy marries girl, to life. Andre and Coline met on the campus of Florida International University when they decided to pledge the brother and sister organization Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity Inc. and Zeta Phi Beta Sorority Inc.

At first Coline’s rough exterior kept Andre at bay. Back then as a college sophomore I encouraged Andre to #takemyfoolishadvice and snitched on everything I knew about Coline. I knew Coline was really intrigued by Andre and once she let her fully equipped military covert operations special forces guard down, she wouldn’t regret giving him a chance. Once the cat was out, Coline was caught up in love. The two married in beautiful Miami in June 2008. On their honeymoon to the captivating country of Ethiopia Andre and Coline were in enthralled with an experience of a lifetime and felt a vibrant connection to the land, its people, and a mission.

The happy couple on their wedding day.

 This New Year marked a lot more than New Year’s Resolutions in the Harriott household. Andre and Coline packed up all their belongings, kissed their family and friends goodbye, left their respective jobs in the construction management and healthcare industry to be missionaries in AFRICA. Check out my exciting interview with the couple and why you will be inspired to do more with your life below.
The Harriott’s leaving for Africa Jan. 2012

Meet Andre & Coline Harriott
February 2012

Both in their early thirties and college graduates with secure career paths, Andre and Coline Harriott moved to Africa in January to pursue their God given purpose of becoming missionaries. Here is my exciting interview and glimpse into what it must be like to be them.

TMFA: Who is your fist love?
 Not to be too religious but our first love is Jesus. And now that we’re Missionaries in Africa – Continental Directing team, the Timothy Initiative, we get to show the world why He’s our first love.

TMFA: Not too religious at all. What difference in your life will you be making in 2012?
Well we finally made the move to Africa to live life as missionaries. So we have traded in our American life for our African life. That’s a huge difference on its own. You can check out www.OurAfricanLife.com for more information about what emotional and spiritual changes we’ve already undergone to get to this point.

TMFA: I’ve check out your site, I love it. Your stories are amazing to say the least! What is your mission in life and why is it important to you?
Our life mission is to help direct people to the saving Grace of Jesus Christ. We knew it was our mission to move to Africa years ago, but our strongest confirmation came when we were walking down the streets of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia while we were on our honeymoon in 2008.

TMFA: This world defiantly needs hope and direction. How will your mission change the way people view the world in 2012?
So many people feel hopeless in this world, especially here in this part of it.  Our mission is to plant churches and care for orphans. We believe these are great avenues for people to view the world with hopeful eyes.

The children of Africa

TMFA: What is your true passion in life? Why?
 Our first true passion is our God given assignment, each other.  Sappy we know, but we had the privilege of renewing our vows on New Years of this past year and we acknowledged that “we” are our first priority after God.  There are many cases of missionaries and other ministry involved couples have had their missions fail because they lost focus of their first assignment.  Someone told us once, “If the devil can’t make you bad, he will make you busy.”

 TMFA: That is very true. It’s refreshing to hear a young couple with their priorities in order and  putting their marriage first after God. I love how you guys take turns speaking. Now that you’re missionaries will there be any charity or causes you will support or continue to support in 2012?
One Child, www.Project1Child.com One Child provides for the life and scholastic needs for over 400 children all over the world. For $30/month we feel fortunate to take part in the life of one of these children. Now that we have moved to Kenya we get to have a hands on influence with many of these children from One Child on a regular basis.

TMFA: What is your dream? And Who/what can make it happen for you right now?
Andre: Our dream is that one day we will look back at the decisions we have made and see how they played a part in the lives of others. With God’s help we will live this dream.

TMFA: Takemyfoolishadvice readers are young adults in all walks of life and from various backgrounds. A lot of them are still trying to find their way in the this world. What should more 21-35 year olds be doing that they’re not?
 “Carpe Diem!” “Seize the day!” When I (André) was a young teen my mom took me to a movie staring Robbin Wiliams and while the name of the movie slips me I never forgot the point. Dream bigger than your fears.

TMFA: I have a slight fear of traveling overseas. I’m going to dream bigger than my fears! With that being said, where’s the best place to travel to? Why?
Andre: Anywhere, just make sure your cell phone is roaming and that you get your passport stamped. Wherever it is make sure you spend time with the people and not just explore the tourist areas.

TMFA: What is your advice to other young adults that want to travel?
Don’t put it off!

TMFA: I certainly will be taking your advice. Hopefully one day I can visit you in Africa to see the fruits of your labor first hand. Now back home the political atmosphere is already heating up. Will you be participating in the Presidential 2012 Election?
Yes, we will be voting via absentee ballots.

TMFA: That’s a great way to stay involved. How can #takemyfoolishadvice readers contact you?
Coline: Our brand new website www.OurAfricanLife.com contains our contact information, our blog, our mission, and more about us. You can even support us through donations… lucky you. They can also follow us on twitter @OurAfricanLife and be sure to like our Facebook page Our African Life.

TMFA: You both are truly an inspiration for all generations. I wish you nothing but the best. May God bless your mission and bring you back to us safetly at its completion.

If you would like to learn more about the Harriott’s African Life and help fund their mission through donations be sure to check out their website www.OurAfricanLife.com. Below is a clip about how you can help support their mission.  #takemyfoolishadvice every soul on Earth has a mission, don’t give up on trying to figure out what yours is, you might be the lifeline to someone else. The Harriott’s got their conformation and didn’t ignore their calling. I’m sure they will be a blessing to millions.




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