The Anderson question that bothered me

While speaking with Anderson’s producers they asked me a few questions to get to know me better. There was one question that bothered me, I just couldn’t get it out of my head. The question was “What is your favorite Anderson moment?” I had a hard time answering it. Even though we’d move on the question lingered in my mind. Could it mean I wasn’t his biggest fan? Did they think I wasn’t his biggest fan? Were they expecting me to be a fanatic and have crazy moments cataloged in my brain? In my head I silently began to scream frantically, “I promise you I’m Anderson’s biggest fan!” But if that was true why couldn’t I answer the question?

Back in reality… it finally hit me. Anderson Cooper is not a moment, he’s an EXPERIENCE! I don’t have a favorite moment. What I do have is experiences of me talking back to my television screen in agreement as if Anderson can hear me. I love it when Anderson calls out a politician on their BS. Perfect example is when Anderson called out Rick Santorum when he denied saying “black” in, “make black people’s lives better by giving them somebody else’s money.” Anderson totally pulled his collar. BAM!, OR when my dad falls asleep with CNN on and as soon as I try to turn off the TV he yells, “Leave it on… let me hear what Anderson has to say!” OR when I experience the look on my son face as he travels the world via Anderson on location in New Orleans, Haiti, Egypt or wherever the news is happening. I experience Anderson, his passion for his craft, his desire to “keep them honest” and inform young viewers like me. I am a fan and an even bigger one since meeting him in the flesh. But most of all I am a respectful viewer watching greatness in action.

You can catch Anderson Cooper on CNN, his talk show Anderson, or online at twitter @Anderson. (Check your local listings for show info)

#takemyfoolishadvice this is an election year, get informed, watch Anderson Cooper. He will ask the tough questions and demand the answers you deserve.




2 thoughts on “The Anderson question that bothered me

    • takemyfoolishadvice says:

      Hey Blessedzeta02,
      Good to see you back and enjoying the blog. There used to be a time that ‘black’ news or news about of affecting blacks was hardly/never reported, in some areas of this country that still remains true. I enjoy Anderson’s work because he’s fair and makes it his goal to remain unbiased. I look forward to his work on election 2012.




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