Meet Anderson Cooper’s Glam Squad

Anderson Cooper’s Glam Squad

Once I received the call that I was going to be a panelist on Anderson Coopers new day time talk show; I had 3 hours to secure a baby sitter, pack my bags and drive to the airport. My mind was racing but I managed to throw a few suits in my suitcase along with my make-up kit and …. OMG! I forgot all my hair supplies at home. I didn’t even pack a comb. Need I remind you I have a head full of natural hair. Crash. Burn. Scorched. This may be my one and only time meeting Anderson Cooper and I can’t even comb my hair. I smiled at God and went to bed watching CNN in my hotel room.

Once I arrived to the studio I received the star treatment. I had a welcome platter of sweet decadence and croissants waiting in my dressing room. Professional make-up artist to the stars, Travis Culberson and fabulous hair stylist to everyone important, Kristi Nichole were awaiting my arrival. Ohhh! Fancy, I thought to myself.

Travis was so graceful and attentive to my facial features. I normally don’t wear a lot of make-up so deep down I was nervous. My worst fear was that I would not recognize myself once he was done. He was so cool and ignored my nervousness, which actually put me at ease. He whipped out his arsenal of high-end cosmetics and accentuated my natural features, lined and smoked out my eyes for a dramatic flair, contoured the hollows of my cheeks, highlighted my eyebrows and sexyfied my lips with a burgundy hued lip gelly. I was sexy and very classy honey. I loved my look and the best part was I still looked like me.

After my mini hair meltdown the night before I woke up determined not to be defeated by my natural hair. At this point it was now responding to New York’s 49 degree weather. I quickly two strand twisted it and after breakfast set my twist a loose. I didn’t know what kind of reaction to expect from Kristi when she saw me. But surprisingly, while doing my make-up Kristi sat beside me and said my hair looked fabulous. She added some shape to it so my curls complimented my round face and I was ready to rip the runway. I was so relieved.

I got the okay from wardrobe to rock my pinstriped light gray and turquoise Calvin Klein two piece suit, paired with a rose-colored lace tank by Max Studio underneath my jacket. To finish the look I paired my suit with Nine West’s putty gray pointy toe stilettos.

I felt comfortable, classy, and confident to meet the “Silver Haired Fox”, Anderson Cooper. Thanks so much to the glam squad that gave me star treatment and helped me look fabulous on a very special day.

#takemyfoolishadvice Follow Travis and Kristi on twitter at @beautybytravis and @kristinicholeb, you may get make-up and hair tips to glam up your own look. Below is a pic of my before and after look.







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