Money Lesson #2 Don’t Buy it Unless it Makes You $$

For example, if you are in the market to buy a new car, before you consider how much you want to spend you should first consider how much money this vehicle is going to make you. Please do not confuse a need with a want.  Don’t lean on the false notion that you need a car to get back and forth from work either. There are many forms of transportation that does not require gas, monthly car note and insurance payments or maintenance cost.  Remember the goal is to get back the most we can out of every dollar spent.

Now consider the same example above. If the new vehicle is being used to transport more products for say, your own business, then it turns into a worthwhile investment and savings choice.

You work hella hard to make your money, don’t just throw it away on something that can’t replace or increase your initial investment.  #takemyfoolishadvice




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