Natural Hair & the Workout for Eczema Suffers

I try to get a good hour of workout in 5 to 6 days a week. When I work out I usually wash my hair on the third day. My routine remains the same. In between wash days I work out with my hair uncovered so the heat can escape and evaporate. After my workout I take a damp cloth and wipe my scalp to remove debris and any secretions from my pores. Once my hair is nearly dry I apply a mixture of oils, which must contain tea tree oil, to my scalp and re-twist my hair. I sweat in my sleep so I opted for a satin pillow and I must, MUST sleep with the A/C or fan on high. The key to relief here is keeping my scalp moisturized with products/ ingredients that would cause my Eczema to flare up.

How does your scalp Eczema respond to workouts? Share below.




Share your advice. Comment!

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