Natural Hair Products for Eczema Suffers

Through years of experimenting and with the help of my dermatologist I have been able to narrow down what products or ingredients cause my Eczema to flare up.  Minimizing my flare ups is a dual effort. I have to monitor what foods I ingest and what topical products I place on my skin or come in contact with. For right now I am only going to discuss the topical products I use on my scalp, but please keep in mind that this is just part of the equation. What you eat is equally important.

I use the complete BioInFusion Olive Oil line for shampooing, conditioning, deep conditioning and moisturizing on a normal bases.  To style I use Cantu Shea Butter Leave-In Conditioner along with the BioInFusion Olive Oil Hair Lotion. When oiling my scalp I use a combination of Carrot Oil, Coconut Oil, Tea Tree Oil, Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Shea Butter at different quantities and separately depending on the situation and needs.  

During a flare up I use an aloe leaf from my garden. I cut the lead horizontally. I soak my hair until cool water and rub the inner portions of the aloe directly into my scalp and hair. If my hair is very dirty or have massive buildup, I’ll pour a little bit of baking powder on to the leaf and massage them both into my scalp and hair. I will twist my hair while wet and oil it once semi dry.




2 thoughts on “Natural Hair Products for Eczema Suffers

  1. Kristen E Jeffers says:

    Thanks for this. I suffer from excema and a lot of the popular natural hair products are still trouble for me. I’d been told to use petroleum straight up, but I know this is not wise for what comes in it. I’ll be trying these remedies out this weekend and hope for better results.


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