OMG! Laugh with Me Moment #1: Snootiness in God’s House

A small box of Kleenex.

 This New Year’s Eve I spent most of the day in church which was AWESOME, but I did have an OMG! laugh with me moment. I was a visitor at a friend’s church. I was seated next to an older woman and my allergies began to flare up. I quickly reached for a Kleenex in my purse. As the congregation stood to sing the opening hymn, I knew this was my opportunity to let it rip; I blew my noise as hard as I could under the angelic sound of the choir. Shortly after the opening hymn was the meet and greet welcoming visitors. Oh no, I’m a visitor! I was caught off guard. The women beside me that had given me such a welcoming smile when I was seated, now had her hand stretched toward me to shaken. With my snot filled Kleenex in one had I frantically dug into my purse for some antibacterial. I was too late one person had grabbed my hand with the snot filled tissue in the middle of it. Aaagggghhh! How gross. I felt bad. I looked at the women beside me and back at my purse. I squeezed some antibacterial in my hand quickly and tried to allow it to dry. Once my hands dried I smiled and looked towards her to shake her hand and she had a very sour look on her face. It wasn’t until after my mini meltdown that I realized that she probably thought I thought her hands were dirty and I needed some antibacterial on deck before even shaking her hand. I felt crushed but couldn’t help but laugh at the chain of events. I felt like Doug in an episode of “Kings of Queens”. The Lord knew my intent and my heart. Too funny.




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