2011 Reflection

There’s a lot of exciting things that I will remember about 2011. One of those things is the decision to start my second business venture, “Take My Foolish Advice”. I was in a creative slump and when I thought of the idea it got my juices following again. I’m really excited to see what the future holds for this venture and I hope you guys come along for the ride.

2011 also brought about some great music. I am the biggest Mary J Blige fan and I really love that she did a My Life II album. I adore Jill Scott’s The Light of the Sun album, I really like that she took us to that let’s just have some good ole fashion clean fun and let loose. I’m a Neo Soul head, can you tell? Marsha Ambrosius is just my speed; I like what she has out right now as well.

Fashion was big for me this year. I’m an 80’s baby and I loved that platform shoes, tights, and silk shirts with funky prints made a comeback in a big way this year. Did I mention cross over bags, big hair, and shoulder pads in everything. LOL I’ve been rocking them all. I’ve also been trying to discover/define my fashion style so it’s great that I can have this rediscovery moment during a repeat of my favorite decade.

As you all know this year also marks the year that I officially go on a quest to discover my God given purpose on Earth. So far my journey has lead me to “Take My Foolish Advice” and I’m pray fully waiting to see what’s next. I will certainly keep you guys posted.

Going into 2012 I have a few goal that I want to accomplish; I would like to share a few with you.

1. More reading, I love to read and my personal library is packed with a lot of great literature to explore. My weekends are already jammed pack so I need to train myself to read a little every day. Normally when I get a book I love, I get so caught up and I go missing for the whole weekend and nothing gets accomplished.

2. Stay in tune with the political climate. My political radar has been more sensitive since the run and election of President Barack Obama. 2012 is an election year and I want to get a better grasp of politics and explore different political views so I can make my own informed decision. I don’t want CNN to be my only resource for the facts.

3. I want to take a real vacation and explore this beautiful place call Earth. Any time the family flies somewhere or takes a cruise I am ALWAYS the one that stays home. I would tell you why but I’m afraid to be judged. Well next year, I’m hitting the Virgin Islands for a little get-a-way with family and friends.

4. I have decided that I will no longer fear my fullest potential. The sky is the limit. Take my foolish advice; you have to have a plan. Without one is to travel with no destination or means of transportation in mind.

What is your best moment of 2011? What are your goals for 2012? Share below.




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