Your job may be to maintain or sustain someone’s walk with/to Christ

As I was painting one of the bedrooms today I was in mediation with the Lord. I have been on an endless quest to discover my God given purpose on heart. I believe that I am in a season of preparation. Preparation for what you may ask? I have no idea 🙂 but I am waiting patient to discover it all. Currently I am in a season of prayer and devotional, more detail about this season will come later, and what promoted this season is of course as I mentioned earlier a quest to discover my purpose AND a story a friend told me. A friend of mine mentioned that he went home to visit his mother for Thanksgiving and while at the supermarket he ran into his old boss. Old like a boss from 15 years ago. The boss was pleased to see him and also told him that it was because of him while he decided to go to church and be baptized. His boss also mentioned that his mother had been praying for him to return to church for years and to no avail. How amazing! 15 years ago my friend had just graduated from high school and his boss was in his 40’s. God used this child to reclaim a lost soul.

So I asked myself, self when we get to heaven would you be able to turn around and look at the faces of the souls that you were instrumental in helping them form a love relationship with the Lord? Sadly, I didn’t have an answer for myself and I began to get worried. I am the type of Christian that likes to go to church, not invite a visitor, and sit by myself. Why? Because I want to cry when I want to cry and praise Him when I want to and rejoice when I want to without someone I know watching, rubbing my back or asking me what my praise is all about. Selfish right? Maybe, I’m still considering it. I’m a private person and I like to keep MY Jesus to myself. Man that sounds bad :-/. I say all of that to say, I was concerned that I was not spreading the gospel as the Bible instructs us too.

I’m getting to my point I promise. Today while painting and mediating it hit me. Helping someone maintain or sustain their relationship with Christ is just as important as winning a soul for Christ. Thankfully I can say that I have and continue to help individuals maintain and sustain their love relationship with the Lord. Being a Christian is not easy and if allowed this world will stifle you to death.

Take my foolish advice, pray with someone, share a biblical story of strength with someone, or simply just help a stranger. You may be the very thing helping them maintain or sustain their relationship in a raging storm or drought.




3 thoughts on “Your job may be to maintain or sustain someone’s walk with/to Christ

  1. blessedzeta02 says:

    Well said well said…Believers were created to nourish eachother physically and spiritually so that we can glorify Him together. Let’s make an effort to fellowship with one another with the hopes of gaining a new spiritual partner/prayer partner…not merely for the sweets and coffee in the break room. 🙂

    I love the pic!


    • takemyfoolishadvice says:

      Hi blessedzeta02,
      I was a little fearful of witnessing to complete strangers and when this thought “help maintain or sustain someone’s walk with/to Christ” I was so excited. I pray that your fellowship helps to encourage and uplift someone else.




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