Christmas is coming folks

Christmas 2011 will be here before we know it. It’s time to be nice to everybody. I am normally a cheery person throughout the year anyway; quick to say good morning to strangers on my daily jog and smile at elderly people. This year I would like to take my holiday cheer to another level, I’m just unsure of what that next level is right now :-/. I was thinking some family caroling would be fun, but were not a family of singers. We’re walkers… get it Walker’s. LOL. No really singing is not our forte but we can definitely go on America’s Best Dance Crew and WIN that sucka! BAM! We’re Jamaican’s that hail from Brooklyn, New York baby. We can tear it up. 

Traditionally a Walker family Christmas consists of church, family, food, fun, sharing lots of stories over a heated game of Scrabble, Michael Jackson Wii games, and dancing. It’s a great time. In just one day I am surrounded by what is most important to me in life, my family. It’s overwhelming but awesome to see my blessings right there in front of me, celebrating. The old folks, the young ones, middle-aged rockers with old souls, they’re all there in one space. I give God thanks for sure. I’m sure in the next couple of days “it” will just hit me. I’m looking forward to my epiphany.

In the mean time I have to decide what I will be wearing for the holidays. Check out what I’m working with in the Style Notice column. I want your foolish advice on what we should do differently this Christmas. Leave your comment below.





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