Be Safe: Women Living Alone

Finally you are on your own, no parents and no roommate. You are completely on your own, making your own rules. You, darling, have just signed the lease to your very own apartment or better yet you have just purchased your first home. Congratulations! This is a rite of passage for millions of young women across the globe. There is so much you have already taken into consideration before you took this big step: mortgage/rent cost, location, paint colors, square footage, layout, and the list goes on. While this is an extremely exciting time in your life there is one important thing that I want you to also consider, your safety. Please understand that even though you are living on your own there will be countless times that people, male and female, will access your space. Perfect example would be the maintainance or repair men from the leasing office or someone who you’ve hired to do work in your home.

Single women or women living on their own can appear to be a prime targets for rape, burglary, stalkers, serial killers, you name it. I am not trying to scare you but I am trying to make you aware of another world that exist. Below are a few strategies I practiced to make me appear less like a prime target while living on my own. (the below is in no particular order)  

Preception is reality so let’s change the preception:

  • Leave a pair of large men sneakers or slippers outside your front door, taking them inside occasionally. This gives the appearance that you have a large man either living with you or visits your residence frequently.
  • Place a “beware of dog” sign some place clearly visible even if you don’t have a dog. This is one obstacle a criminal might be less inclined to endure.
  • Leave a night-light plugged in by the front door entrance. This way you are not entering into your apartment/home in darkness.   
  • If you are expecting to return home late leave a hall way light on before you leave, this gives the appearance that someone is home. You can set outside home lights on an automatic timer.
  • Never place your keys and purse by the front entrance. Instead place them in the bedroom that you sleep in. If you need a quick exit the front door is less likely to be available and if your keys and purse are there, you have fewer options when trying to escape.
  • Keep a child sized baseball bat within arms distance of your bed but not in plain sight. Depending on the situation or the attacker you might need some back up. You want to refrain from a weapon that can easily be used on you (i.e a gun or knife).  
  • Keep all personal information in a locked or concealed file cabinet (i.e passport, large sums of money, birth certificate, financial paper work like tax returns or pay stubs, social security card, etc.). Identity theft is a rising crime that’s very hard to prove and bounce back from.
  • Never sit in your car at night to finish listening to your favorite song or radio program. You need to be vigilant and alert for anything out of the ordinary. Cowards like to attack from behind.
  • Keep all entrances to your space locked and secured at night and when you leave your residence. You would want to check them daily. Criminals will often time leave an entrance unlocked for easy access upon their return later.

Most importantly then these tips are to keep the safety of yourself and your home in prayer. God is everywhere at all times and can protect you in all sense of the word. Take my foolish advice and stay “prayed up” and vigilant. As always leave your foolish safety advice for another woman below. You never know when you might save someone elses life.




2 thoughts on “Be Safe: Women Living Alone

    • takemyfoolishadvice says:

      No problem Shanda,
      Please pass it along to other women. You never know who’s life you might save. Thanks for taking my foolish advice. Be sure to follow me on facebook as well.




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