A Happy Birthday On a Budget

God's Gift

Today, December 1st, marks the day of my son’s birth. Sigh. Tear. It also means “mommy has to pull off DABOMB.COM birthday party”. Honey, let’s face the facts we are in a recession. Most of us just finished spending money on Thanksgiving festivities and Christmas and New Years are knocking at our door. Did I mention the current financial obligations to mortgage co., car note, car insurance, gas, food, and the list goes on. I feel the agony just like any other parent that has a child with a birthdate in December. It’s hard to function much less celebrate when funds are already stretch thin. Rest assured, I also have a sure-fire plan to throw a great birthday party under $25 bucks.

Plan A:  Throw a birthday party in your child’s class
This plan is quick, easy and no fuss. I recommended purchasing a cheese and fruit platter with caramel dipping. Trust me the kids enjoy this more than they do junk food. The kids would have already had lunch and semi full by this point, a healthy snack would be perfect. Within the time alloted have some cool games that can be played in small groups. The objective is to create high energy activities for at least 20 minutes or so.  With the left over funds, purchase a disposable camera (or you can use a camera you own), and have the kids run around and take pics of each other with the birthday boy. Lastly decorate zip lock bags into goodie bags and fill it with bite sized candy. Have the kids help you clean up and in 30 minutes you are on your way home. You came. You brought the fun. You Conquered! Go Mom.

Plan B: Family Style Dinner at Home and a Video Game Challenge
Invite about 10 kids to join your birthday boy or girl for dinner. Purchase peta bread, shredded cheese, a bottle of spaghetti sauce and your preferred toppings to have the kids “build their own pizza’s”. The kids will love this and it will keep the fun level on high. At dinner go italian and have a few yummy sides dishes along with their pizza’s. For example, spaghetti and meatballs, garlic bread, a caesar salad and cheese sticks. Encourage the kids to speak with an italian accent through out dinner. Pasta, bread and lettuce are fairly inexpensive buys and when put all together looks like a 5 star meal. After dinner split the kids up into 2 groups and play Wii Sport or any household game that would hold their interest.

Take my foolish advice, when it comes to kids and birthday parties it’s all about food and fun not the price tag. What’s your budget friendly kid party idea, share your foolish advice below.




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