Being Mary Jane, Scandal, Hostage {Rooting for the Mistress}

Every time I tune into one of these shows I feel guilty. I make sure to DVR them and tune in late at night when everyone is asleep. I pour myself something that will go down smooth, something like Jamaican Cream Soda on ice, Welch’s 100% Grape Juice or Sprite with cherries in it. Uuummm, yum! We’re almost ready, my seduction continues. I lay in my favorite couch and snuggle up and give in to my guilty pleasure, successful cheating women on TV.

Morally I’m torn because the character that these women play demonstrates exactly what is wrong with relationships and our treatment of the people we vow to love. People that do not honor their commitments, their marriages and have no sense of dignity are reflected on our screens daily. Their morals can be purchased with power, money, sex or false loyalty. Long are the days of the Huxtable’s. Watching the demise and destruction of the institution of marriage is our quote on quote entertainment. If I’m honest with you, I will also tell you that it’s good entertainment. Dare I say it?!?!

So what is the attraction for me you ask? I really think that above the mind blowing foreplay, passionate love making and tantalizing sex scenes; it’s the amazing talent and level of success each character has been able to achieve. Mary Jane, of Being Mary Jane, is a successful anchor woman. Olivia Pope of Scandal is a highly successful problem solver whose influence reaches as high as the White House and Dr. Ellen of Hostage is a well-practiced surgeon who gets the opportunity to perform surgery on the President among other things. These women are financial stable, soaring at the top of their professional arena and powerful in their own right. They command the space they’re in and that is above attractive and appealing to me. People hang on to their every word. Forget that, let’s go one step further, people depend on their next word. It just so happens that the one thing they want they can’t get on their own so they have to sleep with another women’s husband.

And I still like them. I like what they stand for outside of their adulterous ways. Come in closer, let me tell you something. I’m rooting for their adulterous relationship to actually work, for these men to leave their wives and kids for the mistress. I know, I know, but its true. I find myself justifying why these men are better off with their mistresses and not the women the vowed forever too.

Listen to my crazy…
I want it to work for these women because then they’ll have everything. The wonderful career, the great house, the fantastic love of their life. Everything. No guts, no glory. Okay maybe not but do you see where I’m coming from. Twisted isn’t it.  So sad! Trust me I know you don’t have to tell me. I already know. #televisionisruiningamerica and me in the process. Its all just entertainment, right?

I’m 31 years old ambitious single woman and despite my perplexity in this blog I have a strong moral compass but I think about the younger women that may be watching these shows and allowing their ideology and morality to be compromised. Is it a stretch? I don’t know, let’s talk about it.

Keep it at just “entertainment” on a DVR during a late night. The best thing you can have is YOUR OWN!



The fun in celibacy, single life and friendships

Amy WalkerSo anyone that knows me in my personal life knows that when it comes to the subject of “settling down” my feelings change as often as the days of the week. One minute I want that special someone in my life and I fancy the idea of profiles and internet dating. Then there are other days I celebrate being single and can’t imagine sharing “that” space, “my” space with another human.

To many people the single life is not enticing because there’s no sex, the on demand type sex, the voice loss in the morning type sex, the in public places sex. At least in my singledom there isn’t. I believe that it is in our basic animalistic DNA to want to mount the opposite sex and enjoy it/them. But I also believe that not every human being is wired the same and sex is not at the top of everyone’s list. In a nutshell sex is overrated and I refuse to believe that all there is to companionship is sex and all there is to being single is lack thereof. However, I have known plenty of people that enter romantic relationships and even get married simply to do the nasty.

I enjoy celibacy. I’m able to practice celibacy by having complete respect for my mind and body. I don’t let my impulse dominate but rather reason every decision I make. I also don’t over stimulate myself by watching, listening or doing things that get me all hot a bothered. “Be careful of your thoughts for they become your actions.” author unknown. I consider myself a package; mind, body and soul. To give away one piece of me would be incomplete and cheapen what I have to offer as a whole. Likewise when I meet a gentleman I can see him in 3D, because people will show you what you show them. Also, do you know the exhilarating feeling of knowing someone desires you wants you but will not, cannot have you? it’s amazing! Come on now sistas it’s all part of my/your feminine allure, why give that away prematurely.

Sure, sure there are some drawbacks to being solo like having to zip up my dress while my arms won’t allow me to reach the top. It sucks! Flashing light YOU’RE SINGLE. Besides I think there’s something extremely sexy about having your MAN zip up your form hugging frock from the back. Another… when I have to play good cop bad cop with my son; the poor child thinks I’m bipolar. Flashing light YOU’RE SINGLE.  Another… how about when I go on get-a-ways and vacation; Puerto Rico, New York, Bahamas, DC {Pics on the TMFA fan page} with family and friends as opposed to the man of my dreams, Dennis Haysbert, the sexy deep voiced actor extraordinaire, Allstate commercial guy. Come here daddy! SIDENOTE: I have loved Dennis since the creation of the word crush. I hope he reads this and emails me ;-). Dreams can come true. ENDNOTE. Flashing light YOU’RE SINGLE.

The handsome Dennis Haysbert

The handsome Dennis Haysbert

While those and other things are very frustrating for me and sometimes lead to my Debbie Downer moments, I have to say I’m not ready to turn in my Single Ladies membership just yet. My membership does have its perks: (In no particular order of importance)

  1. I can shave whenever I want. I know what you’re thinking… the Freedom! LOL, no… not what you were thinking. Okay.
  2. I can make my own decisions without having to consider, consult or care about someone else.
  3. I can be spontaneous without apology.
  4. I can be as plain Jane or over the top as I want to be. Some days I’m average and others I’m a Diva.
  5. I save a LOT of money.
  6. I think dating builds character and helps define you as person because you’re constantly forming, braking and mending relationship based on what is best for your life and your needs. It helps you define what attributes, in any type of relationship, you need to bring to the table. I think this type of “exercise” is priceless, especially if your career demands that you do a lot of networking.
  7. I get to spend all the time in the world by-my-self! I’m an introvert by nature but an extrovert on purpose. {Let me know if you want me to do a post on this topic}. I think I’m the best company anyway.
  8. I don’t have to compromise. It’s either my way or my way. Point, blank and period.
  9. Service; I can be more of a service to my friends and family around me. I feel that my generation takes these relationships for granted for the sake of forming a new romantic relationship. There’s no shame in being the girl that your family and friends can rely on.
  10. I don’t have to have sex. Sex outside of marriage just clouds your judgment and makes things complicated.
  11. I don’t have to change me. When you enter a relationship you change, it’s inevitable it has to happen. It may not be drastic but it happens none the less. And that’s okay. The only thing is I’m so comfortable in my own skin I can’t imagine changing it now.
  12. Dr. Walker, I want to earn my doctorate in my last name.

I’ll end it here because this list can go on and on.

Amy Walker

Amy Walker

#takemyfoolishadvice being single is not a death sentence. There are many privileges you entertain because you’re single and more that you’ve probably have not considered yet. Enjoy them and enjoy you.



Why I read my Bible and you should too

Reading is the cornerstone to good writing and good conversation. I believe that. I also believe that one of the best conversations you can have is about your beliefs, your convictions, your passion, your ideology. I often feel like when I am looking for answers or when I’ve accepted that growth needs to occur, I get the best council and comfort from my Bible. I read. Then I have the best personal conversation with myself in my head.


For years I have taken the approach of letting the Bible lead me. When I have pressing concerns I’m more comfortable getting silent, calming down the raging storm, getting into my own head, my own space a

nd listening. It’s quiet there. I find a cozy spot somewhere outdoors to breathe in the fresh air or a room of the house with little to no traffic and let my mind take a slow stroll in my brain.

“Every time I perform an experiment, I am asking God a question. The results are God’s answer to me.” ~Sir Isaac Newton.

Every time I listen, pay attention and read my Bible for an answer, God answers me. ~AWalk

Not only do I find my answers during/after reading my Bible, it re-tracts my mind. I’m more focused on the things that are most important and hone in on the problem or concern that’s irking me. I don’t read for a specific time or length, I just read and listen.

#takemyfoolishadvice crack open the good book, pour yourself a glass of Welch’s grape juice and read. I hope you get the answers you need.



What is /ˈBÄDĒ/BOX?


/ˈBÄDĒ/BOX derives from the phonetic spelling, with the use of phonemic symbols, of the word- Body.

It’s a monthly subscription box filled with Lyrically Yours 100% natural handmade soaps and body product samples. It’s all the goodness you need in a box. Full sized products are also available for purchase without subscription. Each product is handmade with the purest ingredients. LY will nourish your skin and leave it healthier than before. Our products are made in small batches using the finest natural ingredients for maximum freshness. None of our products contain parabens and phthalates or have ever been tested on animals. It’s all natural without the junk!

/ˈBÄDĒ/BOX is the birth child of Amy Walker, a budding entrepreneur who is crazy about all natural skin care and mom to an 8 year old genius. Check out what we have to offer at and take advantage of our 20% Grand Opening discount off your entire purchase*. No Promo code needed. *Offer expires 10/31/13.



All About Starting My Business /ˈBÄDĒ/BOX

The Brand

The Brand

I come from a long line of savvy business men and women. Entrepreneurship, those that came before me defined it. It’s in my blood. Negotiating, sales, marketing, understanding the customer, knowing the power of a dollar, how to stand in a room filled with decision makers; my parents and older siblings wrote the book on it. This is the stock from whence I came. It’s also the burden I carry entitled, “YOU BETTER MEASURE UP TO THE REST”.

So here I am 30 years old with a steady safe career but feeling like I was depriving myself of life and living. I needed and need to pursue my dreams of creating a service, producing a product, building a brand, establishing a business! I decided 2013 was going to be the year of change for me. In 2013 the world was going to experience a nudge in my attitude, a change in my appearance, a shift in my motivations, sharply defined intentions, relentless will power, deep seeded passion, fearlessness, a more famine Amy, an unapologetic sassy and savvy take charge women, a humble personality with a grateful soul.

Introducing me, Amy 2.0 if you will. I have arrived and I can’t go back, I don’t want to go back to desiring life and pursuit of happiness. I am tired of running from what I could be. I am tired of feeling ashamed of wanting to be great. Most of all I’m tired of fearing my own potential and the light that I possess. I only have 1 life to live and I want to live it without pause.

When I first started this blog I mentioned to you that I wanted to figure out my God given purpose.  I have always been haunted by the feeling that I am supposed to do something Great with my life. We can define “great” a thousand different ways. Funny thing is, I haven’t defined it for myself YET… but I have the feeling I’ll know it when I get there. Enough rambling. I started my business because I felt like my life and future depended on it. It was something inside of me that needed to get out. Starting an all natural body and bath line just made perfect sense. I am my own customer. I’ve lived cover up my body in the hot Florida weather because of eczema, not having clear skin, having a reaction to lotions, perfumes and soaps. I’ve created something that works for me and I want as many people as possible to experience what I’m experiencing. This is my accomplishments in the making.

The Service. Visit

The Service

Without further ado I would like to present to you my labor of love, my company, my legacy /ˈBÄDĒ/BOX.

 /ˈBÄDĒ/BOX is an extension of takemyfoolishadvice. It is the advice on all things related to the health of your body. Click here for details on how /ˈBÄDĒ/BOX came to be and here to shop our site.

Quick Entrepreneurship 101 Tip: Get started where you are. Check :-)

Please understand that I need you. Yes, you; the person reading my blog posts regularly, the one following my Instagram, liking my Facebook… I don’t know your name or what you look like but I know I need you. I need your encouragement, advice, warmth, your support, to know your name, for you to introduce me to a great guy :-)… Just joking, maybe not. LOL. Bottom line is I want to get to know you and continue to build this community of advisers with you being one of them. Tell me who you are and how we can grow together. I plan on taking things to another level!

Takemyfoolishadvice, if you take this journey with me I’ll make sure that we stay together, I’ll never let you leave your drink unattended or with a stranger. Let’s get this party going!



How To Be Fearless: Creating my Business


I absolutely love this poem. When I need a bit of encouragement it serves as a double dose. I would encourage you to print it and keep it someplace you can admire it from time to time. I wish I could sit down with the author and watch her say these words to me. I know it sounds a bit strange but it’s the poet in me. I would love to know what she was thinking, feeling even looking at when she wrote each word. Did you write it with pen and pad or pound away at her computer keys intensely? What provoked these thoughts, these sentences? I’m sure I could Google some of these answers but that would take away from the essence of it all.

You want to know how to be fearless? You put one foot in front of the other and you step forward… move faster … no one is watching you… keep going… faster… RUN because you are in a league of your own. God made you uniquely you. NO ONE can be you but you. So run. That’s what I plan to do.

This month is the launch of my company /ˈBÄDĒ/BOX. I have wanted to start this company for over 5 years. I refuse to allow fear to win. Join me in celebrating the creation of /ˈBÄDĒ/BOX. Visit us at

takemyfoolishadvice, it’s time for you to be fearless. I came across a vlogger that has made being fearless her personal mission. Check out Shameless Mya on youtube.



This time I want it all

Hello again.

Let’s relax with some John Legend and a glass of something dark.

If I’m honest I wouldn’t apologize for being gone so long and confess that I’ve been running. I’ve been running for a long time and for the life of me I don’t know what I’m running from or what I’m running towards. I just know that I AM running. I struggle with sharing too much with you and sharing too little when writing… it’s really my therapy. It’s always been, it’s how I rationalize all the noise, it’s how I strategize. It is all of me. When I don’t have it I feel there too much space between me and where I want to be. I want so bad to get back at one. One place in time when I feel like everything around me is right where it needs to be. The trouble is that place does not exist anymore. That place is gone, it’s elevated and I’m trying to live to my own expectations and full potential so I can get there now not eventually. I have potential. I know my final destination is so far from here it’s almost scary because I don’t know who can make the lengthy journey with me. Will I ever be enough for myself?!? Regardless, I know I have to make it so I’ve been running. The problem with running into something is you eventually crash into it if you don’t know what it is, where it is. I am on a roller coaster that is going to crash but I want so badly to make a smooth landing so it appears as if that’s the way it was to happen all along. So it appears purposeful and graceful.  I know I have my critics out there and her name is Amy Walker. I am destined for a grand finale, a grand gesture and triumph beginning and end and I know it’s going to be glorious. If I could only stop running to catch up with it or have it caught up to me. I can’t keep running. This time I want it all. ALL.

Like I’ve said, I’ve missed you. I hope you’ve missed me too.